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Sanhui Abrasives New Product – Green Silicon Carbide Ultrafine Powder

Updated: 2014-09-04 04:09:00

Qinyang Sanhui Refractory Material Co.,Ltd. is located in the historic city of Qinyang, which is adjacent to ChangJi Highway and LianHuo Highway with convenient transportation. Since it was established in 2005, Sanhui has been committed to research and producing silicon carbide. The main products are silicon carbide section sand with high purity and high bulk density, silicon carbide powder manufactured in jet mill, black and green silicon carbide abrasive (coated abrasive, JIS abrasive, and bonded abrasive), and brown corundum dumping furnace lined with special carborundum brick. With strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect management system, strict detection measures, and perfect quality assurance system, products are sold both domestically and overseas and enjoy a good reputation.

During the past ten years, Sanhui has been following the market for guidance, innovation as motivation, and has set up the brand by the specialty so that it can occupy a certain position in this industry. As is commonly known, green silicon carbide is smelted with quartz sand and petroleum coke in a resistance furnace, which has excellent physical and chemical performance with high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. In order to improve the quality of green silicon carbide ultrafine powder, Sanhui has made a variety of improvements in terms of processing technology. With continuous improvement, advanced processing technology not only greatly shortens the production cycle but also enhances the quality. The production line of green silicon carbide ultrafine powder, which has an annual output of 1200 tons has been in place and has produced qualified products from JIS2000# to 10000#. Green silicon carbide ultrafine powder is mainly used in polishing machine parts, metal products, cylinders, piston rings, pump bodies, nozzles, bearings, rollers, ball bearings, precision instruments, glass lenses and prisms and is also widely used in refractory material, wear-resistant flooring, foam ceramics, special coatings, etc. Product models have GC# 8000, 6000, 4000, 3000, GC# GC# GC# GC# 2500, GC# 2000. 

Sanhui insists on "good faith, quality first." It is believed that this small change will make Sanhui have big gains in the future in the silicon carbide industry.